What Is An Executor Bond?

what is an executor bond

An Executor is named in the last will and testament of a decedent. If an Executor is not named, the court will appoint an Administrator with will annexed.

To ensure an Executor carries out their duties, the court might require the Executor to get bonded with an Executor Bond.

If the will states a bond is not required, the court still might require one. Common situations where this might happen include if the Executor or Administrator with will annexed is a non-resident of the state having jurisdiction over the estate. (See more: Does Your Will Executor Need To Be Bonded?)

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Florida Lost Title? How To Get A Florida Bonded Title

 florida bonded title

Do you have a car in Florida, but no title? Maybe you purchased a vehicle, but never received the title. Or maybe you received a title, but lost it before transferring it into your name. If you have a lost title in Florida, you might be able to get a Florida Bonded Title.

Short on time? Check out our Bonded Title FAQ page.

As of 2019, vehicles that were last registered in a state outside of Florida are not eligible for a bonded title. If your vehicle was last registered outside of Florida, please contact the DMV to learn what other options you have to get your vehicle registered. This bond cannot be canceled or refunded, so please verify with your local DMV before you purchase a lost title bond. Florida does not offer the option to get bonded titles for trailers, boats or jet skies.

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What Is A Fuel Tax Bond?

what is a fuel tax bond

A Fuel Tax Bond is a type of surety bond that fuel sellers need in order to get licensed. The bond guarantees payment of taxes on fuel.

Unlike insurance, which protects the insured, a surety bond protects the state and your clients. If you do not pay taxes when selling, distributing or mixing fuel, the state can make a claim against  your Fuel Tax Bond. 

Likewise, if your clients are hindered because of misrepresentation or fraud of your services, they can also make a claim against your bond.

There are many types of Fuel Tax Bonds including bonds for airline, marine, and ground transportation operations. Fuel Tax Bonds are often called IFTA (International Fuel Tax Bonds.)

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Joint And Several Liability: What You Need To Know

what is joint and several liability


What is Joint and Several Liability?


To be held jointly (combined) and severally (separately) liable is often seen in civil cases where two or more people are found liable for damages.

When a group of people are held jointly and severally liable, the winning plaintiff may:

  • Collect the entire judgement from just one of the parties or
  • Collect from multiple parties until the judgement is paid off

In a case where the plaintiff chooses to collect the judgement from multiple parties and one party does not have the means to pay for his/her share then the remaining parties must make up the difference so the judgement can be paid in full.

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Washington Personal Representative – What You Need To Know

washington personal representative

A personal representative is a person placed in charge of administering an estate after a death. Being a personal representative can be fulfilling and even pay well, but without proper knowledge and preparation, it can be a daunting job.

Anyone can be a personal representative, but there are people who have priority to the job. If a person is named as personal representative in the will, they will be first choice. Second choice generally goes to the spouse of the person who died, if they are named in the will to receive a gift. Third choice goes to any person named in the will to receive a gift, and last choice goes to an heir or creditor.

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5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes Getting A Bonded Title

bonded title mistakes

You have a car, but no title, and you heard about this thing called a Bonded Title that could solve all your problems.

Yes and no. Getting a Bonded Title the right way can help you, but getting a Bonded Title the wrong way can cost you time and money. Here are the top 5 mistakes everyone makes getting a Bonded Title.

Need a quick refresher on Bonded Titles? Check out this guide.

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How To Get A Surety Bond In Oregon

oregon surety bond

Many businesses in Oregon need a surety bond. Popular Oregon surety bonds include the following: Oregon Contractor License Bonds, Oregon BOLI Bonds, Oregon Car Dealer Bonds, and Oregon Farm Labor Contractor Bonds.

A surety bond promises you will follow through on your obligations. If you fail to follow through, someone can make a claim against your bond.

Not sure what Oregon surety bond you need? Browse our Popular Bonds page.

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