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How to get a Colorado Surety Bond?

The process of getting a Colorado Surety Bond has never been easier. Just select the bond type and bond amount you require to get free quotes from top surety companies.

Once you choose the quote that best fits your needs, submit your application and purchase your bond. Most bond types can be printed from your home or office, meaning you could have your bond within the next 5 minutes.

What type of bond do I need?

The best way to determine the type of Surety Bond you need is to ask the Obligee (the entity requiring you to have a bond). There are thousands of bond types, so you want to be sure you get the correct bond.

Below, we’ve created a list of the most common types of Surety Bonds issued in Colorado.

Common Colorado Surety Bond types:

Missing the title to your car? If the Colorado DMV approves your vehicle’s eligibility for a Bonded Title, we can issue the required Surety Bond. Your bond amount should be set at 2 times the value of your vehicle. Most of our clients pay $100 for their CO Certificate of Title Bond.

More on Certificate of Title Bonds…

Many cities and counties, such as Dacono, Denver, Grand Junction, and more require contractors have a Surety Bond to get their license or permit.

More on Contractor License & Permit Bonds…

These types of bonds are required to guarantee you’ll properly complete a project. The Obligee may require you to get a Bid Bond, Performance Bond or Payment Bond.

More on Contract Bonds…

Need a court-ordered bond? We can help! Whether you need a Judicial Bond (Attachment, Indemnity to Sheriff, Injunction or Replevin) or a Fiduciary Bond (Probate, Guardianship or Trustee), we can get you started with a quote.

More on Court Bonds…

Fidelity Bonds

What type of Fidelity Bond do you need for your business?

  • Business Service / Janitorial Bond: This type of bond protects your clients from theft by your employees.

  • Employee Dishonesty Bond: Also known as Commercial Crime Fidelity Bonds, this policy protects you and your business from theft by your employees.

  • ERISA Bond: Administrators of employee benefit and pension plans are required by the U.S. Department of Labor to have an ERISA Bond.

Get a Fidelity Bond quote.

A requirement of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) is to have a Surety Bond and Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance to be a licensed mortgage loan originator. We can issue both the required bond and E&O Insurance.

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The Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board requires auto dealers to get a Surety Bond prior to receiving their license to legally sell cars and other vehicles.

More on Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds…

Vehicle Verifier Bond

Third-party transportation associations and organizations are required to have a Vehicle Verifier Bond to conduct VIN verification inspections for commercial vehicles in the state of Colorado.

More on Vehicle Verifier Bonds…

Need another type of bond?

Enter a keyword to find your bond using the search box below. If you have any questions, send us an email to, contact us here or call our office at (866) 722-9239.

How much does a Colorado Bond cost?

Many of our Colorado Bonds start at $100. However, there are a few factors that go into determining how much you’ll pay for your bond. One of these factors is the bond amount. The larger the bond amount, the more risk is associated with the bond policy, which usually means a higher premium.

Depending on the bond type and amount, we may need to perform a soft pull on your credit. A soft pull will not adversely affect your credit score. With good credit and approval, the cost of your bond should be between 1-5% of the total bond amount.

Can I get a bond with bad credit?

Yes, getting a bond with non-standard credit is a possibility. Many Surety Bond types don’t require a credit check, meaning your credit status doesn’t factor into your bond cost. However, when a credit check is required, you may still receive approval with non-standard credit. If approved, applicants with bad credit receive quotes between 5-15% of the total bond amount.

Don’t let bad credit prevent you from applying for your bond. Our team will work with you to secure a quote for your bond.

Browse Available Colorado Surety Bonds Below

Click the quote button to get a free Colorado surety bond quote.

Don’t See What You Need Online? Contact us.

Miscellaneous Colorado BondQuote
Colorado Appraisal Management Company BondQuote
Colorado Business Service BondInfoQuote
Colorado Certificate of Title BondInfoQuote
Colorado City of Arvada - Municipal Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City of Aspen - Maintenance BondQuote
Colorado City of Aurora - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Boulder - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Cherry Hills Village - Right of Way BondQuote
Colorado City of Colorado Springs-Concrete Contractor Bond Quote
Colorado City of Colorado Springs - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Colorado Springs - Excavation Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City of Colorado Springs-Pawnbroker Bond Quote
Colorado City of Dacono - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Englewood - Right of Way BondQuote
Colorado County of Grand - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Greenwood Village - Right of Way Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City of Greeley - Right of Way Bond Quote
Colorado City of Northglenn - Right of Way BondQuote
Colorado City of Wheat Ridge Municipal Contractor Bond (Definite)Quote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Auctioneer BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Cement Sidewalk Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Excavator BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - General Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Merchant Guard Company BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Parking Lot BondQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Paving ContractorQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Sewer ContractorQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Special ContractorQuote
Colorado City-County of Denver - Structural ContractorQuote
Colorado City of Englewood Demolition Contractor BondQuote
Colorado City of Fort Collins - Endorsement BondQuote
Colorado City of Fort Collins - Right of Way BondQuote
Colorado City of Fort Collins - Right of Way Bond Contractor's Endorsement Bond - $10,000Quote
Colorado City of Fort Collins - Right of Way Bond Contractor's License Bond - $20,000Quote
Colorado City of Grand Junction - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Greeley - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado City of Wheat Ridge - Right of Way Permit Bond - ContinuousQuote
Colorado City of Wheat Ridge - Right of Way Permit Bond - DefiniteQuote
Colorado Collection Agency BondInfoQuote
Colorado Colorado Pipe Industry Employee Benefit Funds Payment BondQuote
Colorado Cost BondInfoQuote
Colorado Debt Management Services BondQuote
Colorado Dishonesty BondInfoQuote
Colorado E&O InsuranceInfoQuote
Colorado Farm Products Dealer and-or Commodity Handler BondQuote
Colorado Fidelity BondInfoQuote
Colorado Freight Broker Bond (ICC Bond)InfoQuote
Colorado Fuel Distributor's BondQuote
Colorado Garfield County - Right of Way BondQuote
Colorado Health Club BondQuote
Colorado Hearing Aid Providers BondInfoQuote
Colorado Home Sale Downpayment BondQuote
Colorado Janitorial / Cleaning Service BondInfoQuote
Colorado Jefferson County - License & Permit BondQuote
Colorado Lost Instrument-Water Shares Bond - Fixed PenaltyInfoQuote
Colorado Lottery Retailer BondQuote
Colorado Meat Processor Bond Quote
Colorado Merchant Guard Bond - $5,000Quote
Colorado Mined Land Reclamation BondInfoQuote
Colorado Money Transmitter BondInfoQuote
Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator BondInfoQuote
Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator Bond - 20 or More LicensesInfoQuote
Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator Bond - Less than 20 LicensesInfoQuote
Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson or Buyer Agent BondQuote
Colorado New Motor Vehicle Dealer/Wholesaler BondInfoQuote
Colorado Nursing Home-Patient Trust Funds BondQuote
Colorado Oil & Gas Lease BondQuote
Colorado Out of State Private Occupational School Agent BondQuote
Colorado Personal Needs Fund BondQuote
Colorado Preneed Funeral-Burial Contact Seller BondQuote
Colorado Private Occupational School BondQuote
Colorado Private Investigator License BondInfoQuote
Colorado Public Adjuster BondQuote
Colorado Public Service Company - Utility BondQuote
Colorado Race Meet Licensee Surety BondQuote
Colorado Registered Outfitter Bond Quote
Colorado Right of Way Performance-Reclamation BondQuote
Colorado Sand and Gravel Mined Land Reclamation BondInfoQuote
Colorado Self-Insuring Employer Bond (Applicant Changes Surety)Quote
Colorado Self-Insuring Employer Bond (New Applicants Only)Quote
Colorado Supervised Lender BondQuote
Colorado Surplus Line Brokers BondQuote
Colorado Used Motor Vehicle Dealer BondInfoQuote
Colorado Union Welfare - Carpenters BondQuote
Colorado Vehicle Verifier BondInfoQuote
Colorado Viatical Settlement Provider BondQuote
Colorado Waste Tire Hauler BondQuote
Colorado Well Construction Contractor BondQuote
Colorado Wholesaler or Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer BondQuote
Colorado Wildlife License Agent BondQuote

Why choose Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company?

The bond process is quick and easy with our online bond marketplace. We’ve partnered with leading surety companies to offer instant quotes at competitive prices.

See what our clients have to say:

I bought a surety bond for my business. The name on the application has my middle name on it and the policy didn't. That would or could have created a problem. I wrote to customer service to complain. Well not complain but ask for it to be changed. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend I wasn't expecting to hear back till this week sometime. Well to my surprise it was "Very" Quickly. JD was very helpful and professional. Fixed it then contacted me with the corrected version. Couldn't be happier. " Good Business is Good Business"
Darryk C.
Darryk C.
05:17 01 Dec 20
01:46 04 Nov 20
Amazing customer service and friendly and informative reps.
Obsesion H.
Obsesion H.
04:45 26 Oct 20
Surety solutions handled my request for a Guardianship Bond professionally, with great care and provided great value to my family. Of all of the insurance companies I contacted for my need, Surety Solutions was by far the most responsive, courteous and knowledgeable. I very much appreciate their fine service!!
Irena S.
Irena S.
03:00 25 Sep 20
The entire staff from Jake to Katrina were more than professional and bent over backwards to meet mine and The State of California's requirements
Kirk G.
Kirk G.
19:10 23 Jun 20
This process could not have been easier! Mr. Chipman sent me an email link and I just followed the steps. I highly recommend Mr. Beau Chipman to anyone who needs this service.
Sharon H.
Sharon H.
23:29 28 Apr 20
Justin R.
Justin R.
23:53 17 Mar 20
Outstanding customer service from Jake and the other folks at Surety Solutions! Shopped my surety bond with other companies and found the best price here by far.
Doss E.
Doss E.
03:42 11 Mar 20
Ed F.
Ed F.
20:00 05 Mar 20
Excellent service, best pricing, immediate communication! Keep up such a great work!!! Thanks!!!
Oksana B.
Oksana B.
06:41 05 Mar 20
The staff is very friendly and on more than one occasion went above and beyond normal customer service to make sure that we were fully taken care of. I would highly recommend this company.
Diana F.
Diana F.
07:20 24 Feb 20
Easy to work with, and extremely fast! I would definitely recommend!
Tiara A.
Tiara A.
03:01 31 Jan 20
Very timely and professional work on providing services to our firm. We are very satisfied.
sherry N.
sherry N.
17:44 22 Jan 20
Great service. No hassle. Great communication.Thank you Cryssi for the excellent service!!!
Ivan R.
Ivan R.
23:52 08 Jan 20
Cryssi B. went above and beyond to get my bond issued in record time and delivered incredible customer service throughout the process. So impressive and refreshing. I am so grateful.
Kerri L.
Kerri L.
03:29 14 Dec 19
Absolutely great to work with!
Katrina and M.
Katrina and M.
17:11 23 Oct 19
Quick and easy process to get my notary bond. Best price and the documents arrived by mail way faster than expected. I highly recommend.
M. G.
M. G.
03:56 23 Oct 19
Great communication, fast and to the point service. Great follow up too.
Pedro R.
Pedro R.
20:58 17 Oct 19
Katrina is very fast and responsive and we got our insurance in few hours! She is the best! We will collaborate again for sure! Thank you! 🙂
Petra G.
Petra G.
16:08 10 Oct 19
They helped so much when I went to my states tag office who denied my paperwork multiple times due to the format. Surety helped me every step of the way.
Lara C.
Lara C.
07:44 23 Sep 19
Super fast and professional service. Couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you guys.
Bill The K.
Bill The K.
15:16 11 Sep 19
Surety Solutions is a fantastic company to work with. I was in a unique situation and was having trouble finding a company willing to underwrite an estate conservatorship bond for me. Surety Solutions took the time to listen to me and shopped around with their underwriters and found someone willing to underwrite the bond. Having to experience the probate system is a major headache; however, Surety Solutions makes sure the bonding portion of it does not have to be 🙂
Tommy M.
Tommy M.
02:15 04 Sep 19
My experience with Surety Solutions agent (Katrina) was professional, solution-driven and responsive throughout the whole process. From applying for a bond quote to purchasing and receiving the bond was simple and efficient. My questions were answered promptly with upbeat attitude and patience. Customer service definitely exceeded beyond my expectations. I would certainly use their service again in the future.
Susan L.
Susan L.
16:07 20 Aug 19
Sandra L.
Sandra L.
17:10 15 Aug 19
This place was actually super helpful, and really speedy! Their blog on their page has nice, easy to follow information, and their staff are super friendly and helpful. I was looking all over for some of this information, trying to weave through weird shady looking sites, and Surety Solutions really is the one to go with. quick, clean, trustworthy, professional. Thanks for all your help!
Audrey K.
Audrey K.
06:20 27 Jul 19
Surety Solutions was able to help me secure a bond and guide me through the probate process in a very friendly and competent way. I really appreciated their speed, efficiency, and knowledge.
Shana O.
Shana O.
18:14 22 Jul 19
I made a mistake in selecting the correct bond and they fixed it with a quick call.Thanks Again!
Jason D.
Jason D.
21:45 10 Jul 19
I worked with Cryssi at Surety Solutions in order to secure a $900,000 conservator bond. Their quote was by far the best out of several companies I requested quotes through ($2,110 vs. $3,500). Cryssi was always very helpful and responded very quickly during business hours and often during after hours via email. I will continue to work with and renew with their company especially if their quotes and customer service remain this excellent. Thank you again! MikeSo just an update to my original post. It was time to renew the conservator bond this year and Cryssi at Surety Solutions made the process extremely streamlined and convenient. I received an email stating it was time to renew the bond with a link to pay online. My rate didn't change at all and it took about 30 seconds to renew my bond. This has been an easy, convenient, and one of the most affordable companies to work with. Some of the best customer service in the market which is sometimes hard to find these days! Thank you again for an affordable quote which was seamless to renew. Thank you Cryssi!
Michael B.
Michael B.
20:24 30 Jun 19
They did everything they said they would & more! Great people excellent people skills polite and quick. Noproblems
Christopher F.
Christopher F.
19:08 24 May 19
I needed a California Certificate of Title Bond so I came to there site. This company was very professional and helpful. I appreciated there live chat options. There website was easy and fast to use. I had to call in and speak to someone and he (Thomas) was very helpful and polite. Thank you guys for a great experience if I ever need another Bond I will be using your company for sure! Keep up the great customer service. Thanks again!
John P
John P
17:59 30 Apr 19
Thank you Thomas and Katrina for the superb professional, fast service you both provided me. I shopped around online for a few days comparing Bond Companies and calling asking questions, and praying. Your website is a cut above the others; your process is quick, straight forth, no tricks nor confusion, but honest online service!I received a Great Rate for my bond compared to other companies, saving me money!Thomas answered my questions upfront with patience & clarity; & Katrina was right on top of email correspondence, my invoice, I received my email bond copy in hours of applying online & hard copy I received next day!Surety Solutions of Gallagher's overall process, Thomas & Katrina made sure, my experience with them was overall stress free, affordable & outstanding!I am still amazed how fast I received my hard copy bond from the time I started to finished, and with FedEx, I had my bond, No errors in my hand the next day! I thank GOD for the stress free & excellent service I received !
Jacqueline S.
Jacqueline S.
13:41 25 Apr 19
Beau was super helpful when I had questions about buying a used car from a seller with an unusual title situation. I have not bought a used car before, so it was very reassuring to talk through my concerns about the situations and the safest ways to move forward. He thoughtfully responded to my inquiries without pestering for my contact info or trying to sell me products - such customer service is hard to find these days! Thank you!
Michael S.
Michael S.
22:52 19 Apr 19
I had been dreading the red-tape of obtaining a surety bond for a lost vehicle title. I had just obtained a quote from another company online and was not pleased with the price. Surety Solutions was less expensive---by far---and their service was outstanding: efficient and polite. The quote was obtained, approval given, and the transaction was complete in a just a couple of hours. I could not be more pleased!
kathy B.
kathy B.
22:20 15 Apr 19
Huge Kudos to Cryssi @Surety Solutions! Thank you for being so responsive and accommodating with helping me get my Bond taken care of. It was a pleasure working with you and your company!Rob with Caliber Auto Sales
02:42 12 Apr 19
Brent W.
Brent W.
20:01 11 Apr 19
It was a very easy and smooth experience. I got the bond that I needed for a competitive rate. Cryssi was great.
Sheree M.
Sheree M.
15:39 10 Apr 19
Cryssi was my rep. Responds back on a timely manner. She goes above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction! I will do business with Surety Solutions again and recommend to others! Thank you Cryssi! From Bridge City Cleaners!
23:17 02 Apr 19
Cryssi saved the day. We were finally ready to submit our DBO app and realized we had the bond created in our previous business. Expecting a significant red-tape delay, we reached out to Cryssi who managed our little crisis with not only absolute professionalism, but with expedience. She was also so personable!
Deanne R.
Deanne R.
20:31 28 Mar 19
Cryssi & Danielle are great to work with. Very responsive and solution minded. We needed to extend the dates of our coverage and paperwork to show that coverage. They responded quickly and took care of us right away. Thank you!
Mark W.
Mark W.
00:24 28 Mar 19
Working with Cryssi at Surety Solutions is fast and easy!
Love of the Magic V.
Love of the Magic V.
16:31 26 Mar 19
They are quick to help you I will say that!!
Michael L.
Michael L.
17:46 22 Mar 19
Visited and contacted several different surety bond websites prior to seeing this one. Had my bond purchased in less than 10 minutes!!!!! Spoke with Cryssi and she was very professional, answered all of my questions and had my surety bond emailed to me within an hour, will receive the original one tomorrow morning!!!!! So pleased with Cryssi and the ease of obtaining the bond. Lastly, out of all of the places I contacted, this surety bond was $75.00 less than all of the other places that I checked into.
Toni R.
Toni R.
23:26 21 Mar 19
Great Customer Service! Was able to process my request and also review great information they provide - step by step guide amazing! quick and easy- best part of dealing with Title issues- HIghly recommend
18:14 19 Mar 19
Very,Very helpful and Very,Very fast same day it was like christmas i defiinitly recomend this company
Brandon C.
Brandon C.
02:23 13 Mar 19
I've always had the best experience with this company, and often try to imitate their high level of service in my own company. Cryssi answers my questions quickly and paperwork gets mailed right away. They obviously follow an efficient system that flows throughout the organization. Highly recommend!
Laura C.
Laura C.
18:01 06 Mar 19
17:00 04 Mar 19
Great company, really informative and responsive. Thomas was super helpful and patient as he walked me through a million questions that I had. I dealt with a few other less helpful companies before I selected this one. Highly recommend.
Melisande A
Melisande A
17:51 01 Mar 19

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company is licensed to issue Surety Bonds in all 50 states, including Colorado.

Have a question about your bond? Send an email to or call our office at (866) 722-9239. Our team of surety experts are happy to assist with your questions.

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