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Do you need a Texas Surety Bond?

The process of getting a Surety Bond in Texas has never been easier. If you’ve been tasked with securing a Surety Bond, you’ll find most of our bonds have instant quotes that can be bought and printed in under 5 minutes. Get your quotes by picking the bond type and bond amount in the drop-down below. Our partnership with top surety companies enables us to offer your Texas Surety Bond at a competitive price.

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How do I find out the type of Surety Bond I need?

When looking to get a quote for a Surety Bond, knowing the type of bond you need is important. With thousands of Surety Bond types available, you don’t want to purchase the wrong type that doesn’t meet the Obligee’s (the entity requesting the bond) requirements. If you are unsure of the type of Surety Bond and/or bond amount you need, reaching out to the Obligee to obtain a copy of the bond form is the best solution. The bond form will state the bond type and necessary amount (or how to calculate the necessary amount) you need.

For your convenience, we’ve listed many of the common types of Texas Surety Bonds below.

The most common types of Texas Surety Bonds:

Missing the title for your car? Getting a Bonded Title is a common solution for vehicle owners needing to register and title their car without a title.

Make sure you speak with your local Texas DMV to verify your vehicle is eligible for a Bonded Title before purchasing a Texas Certificate of Title Surety Bond. The bond amount the state requires is 1.5 times the value of your vehicle. Although, you’re not expected to pay the full bond amount. Typically, our clients pay $100 for their Texas Lost Title Bonds.

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Some cities and counties require contractors to get a Surety Bond to receive their license or permit.  These cities and counties include Abilene, Beaumont, Fort Worth, Galveston, Garland, Hurst, Kerrville, Lumberton and Plano to name a few.

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Bid Bonds, Payment Bonds and Performance Bonds are usually requested of a contractor before work on a project begins.

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The most common types of Court Bonds are Fiduciary Bonds (Guardianship, Probate or Trustee) and Judicial Bonds (Attachment, Indemnity to Sheriff, Injunction or Replevin). If you need a Court Bond in the state of Texas, we can help get you started with a free quote.

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Fidelity Bonds

What type of Texas Fidelity Bond do you need?

  • Business Service / Janitorial Bond: This type of bond protects your clients if your employee steals from them.

  • Employee Dishonesty Bond: This type of coverage protects you and your business if your employees steal from you. You may have heard this type of coverage referred to as a “Commercial Crime Fidelity Bond”.

  • ERISA Bond: Administrators of employee benefit and pension plans must have an ERISA Bond to meet the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requirement. The ERISA Bond protects the employees of the plan from financial loss due to fraud by the plan administrator.

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Licensed Texas Mortgage Brokers are required by the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending to post a Mortgage Broker Surety Bond. This bond serves as protection for your clients if they suffer a loss due to any fraudulent actions you perform.

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If you’re interested in being a car dealer in the state of Texas, you will need a Motor Vehicle Dealer License from the Texas DMV. A Dealer License requirement is to get a $50,000 Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond. The purpose of this bond is to protect your customers from financial loss up to the full bond amount if you engage in unethical and/or unlawful practices.

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Texas Notary Publics are required to get a $10,000 Notary Surety Bond. Get your Texas Notary Bond today, starting as low as $50 for a 4-year term.

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Tax Bonds

The Sales Tax Bond is a requirement to ensure retailers pay appropriate sales taxes on yearly acquisitions.

Need a different bond type?

Enter a keyword related to the type of bond you need using our online application. If you have any questions or need assistance with getting your Surety Bond quote, contact us here, send an email to us at info@suretysolutions.com or give us a call at (866) 722-9239. Our team is always happy to help!

How much does it cost to get a Surety Bond in Texas?

There are few factors to consider when determining the cost of your Surety Bond. These factors include the type of bond, bond amount and possibly your credit. A larger premium is expected for bonds with a larger bond amount since more risk is involved with the coverage. However, many of our Texas bonds start as low as $100.

Some Surety Bonds require a soft-pull on your credit to determine approval and cost. Fortunately, a soft-pull on your credit does not adversely affect your credit score. You should expect your bond premium to be between 1%-5% of the bond amount if approved with good credit.

Can I get approval for a Surety Bond with bad credit?

Yes! Having bad credit doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being approved for a Surety Bond. If you’re approved with non-standard credit, typically quotes range between 5%-15% of the bond amount. Although, many of our bonds do not require a credit check, meaning your credit score doesn’t affect your approval or bond premium.

Don’t be discouraged to request a Surety Bond quote due to bad credit. We’re happy to work with you to find an affordable quote for your bond, today.

Why get my bond with Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company?

If you’re looking for instant quotes and a simple application process to get your Surety Bond, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve partnered with top surety companies in the industry to offer you multiple quotes at competitive prices.

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company is licensed to issue Surety Bonds in the state of Texas, as well as the rest of the United States.

Get your Surety Bond quotes by clicking the button below. Contact us by calling (866) 722-9239 or send an email to info@suretysolutions.com if you need help. We look forward to servicing your Surety Bond coverage.

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