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Welcome to the easiest place to get your Notary Bond.

Before you get licensed as a notary public, many states require you to secure a notary bond. A notary bond protects your customers. By getting a notary bond, you promise to abide by your state’s notary laws. If someone feels you have failed to perform your duties, they can make a claim against your bond.

We help notary professionals get bonded at a great rate while also offering the most comprehensive coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions:

Surety Bond FAQ

Notary Tutorials

Specific steps to become a notary public in your state.

Notary Bond Tutorials

What is a Notary Bond Video

Learn more about notary bonds by watching our video on Youtube here:
What Is A Notary Bond?

What people say about us:

Cork B.
Cork B.

I needed to renew my Notary commission quickly. I found Surety Solutions and the turnaround was amazing! The documents were signed and transaction completed the same day. The whole process took hardly any time at all. Thank you, Surety Solutions for making a very busy day a bit easier. “

Tonya Gaines
Tonya Gaines

“Super fast and friendly! They took the pain out of the process. 🙂





David Colon
David Colon

“Surety Solutions is fast and easy to deal with. I use them every time I need a surety bond or E&O insurance. They also have very helpful customer service although I never seem to need it because their website is so functional. Thank You Surety Solutions!

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