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Surety Solutions started as an agency to service the surety needs of the mortgage industry. That was over 10 years, 7800 clients, and 20,000+ bonds ago. We have helped more than 1500 new businesses secure the surety credit needed for their start-up. Our team of experts manages lines of surety credit in excess of $20MM for the some of the top Fortune 500 companies. In the last year alone, over 300 new mortgage clients have chosen Surety Solutions as their bond provider.


Looking for information on the new NMLS Electronic Surety Bonding? We have an entire resource center to answer all your questions.


You can also view our extensive blog post library relating to mortgage bonds or our Colorado E&O/MLO FAQ Resource.


“As I set out to start my own mortgage company, I knew there would be a lot to do. Getting my company and my employees insured/bonded across all 50 states was a huge task, however it felt pretty painless thanks to all the help we got from Surety Solutions. I would highly recommend their team for any of your bonding or insurance needs.” -Eric Kandell


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