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With a certificate of title bond, you can get a title for your vehicle — a title in your name.  

Whether you’ve been the victim of title-jumping, involved in a less-than-ideal sale, or if you lost your title before transferring it into your name, we are here to help you get your vehicle on the road.

We issue over 100 title bonds every month in nearly every state across the nation. Let us help you understand how this process works and what your obligations are when you get a bond. Learn more in our resources below or get start with a free quote.

Or view our available resources below:

Find Your Bond Amount

Make sure you get your bond for the correct amount by checking with our calculator here:
Bond Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions:

Bonded Title FAQ

Bonded Title Tutorials

Find the specific steps needed to get a bonded title in your state:

Bonded Title Tutorials

Bonded Title Videos

Learn more about bonded titles by watching our videos on Youtube here:

Bonded Title Videos

Do You Need A Bonded Title?

Still not sure if you need a bonded title for your vehicle? Check out our guide here:

Do you need a bonded title?

5 Common Mistakes

Make sure you don’t any of these common mistakes when getting your bonded title:

Common Mistakes

What people say about us:

Cindy Chapman
Cindy Chapman

I highly recommend Surety Solutions to handle your title bond needs.  They are friendly and knowledgeable. There was an issue with the filing of my title bond in my state.  I didn’t have to call and run it down and solve the problem because THEY called ME to inform me of the issue…”

Steven Benson
Steven Benson

“…I was so impressed by their efficiency and customer service I printed out the form and marched down to DMV and received my title in the mail in a couple weeks, Thank you Surety Solutions you saved me a lot of time and frustration.”

Gregory Whitehair
Gregory Whitehair

Very prompt, very accurate. My daughter and I were bonding around a mucked up title for a car we bought in California. Surety Solutions did a nice job getting focused on the correct form, and expediting our request…”

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