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Maryland Title Service Agent – Getting Licensed & Bonded

maryland title service agent

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration issues licenses to become a Title Service Agent. If you are looking to become a Title Service Agent, or just want additional information, keep reading.

What is a Title Service Agent?

A title service agent, also known as an auto tag distributor, is an individual or company that can process auto procedures such as renewing license plate tags, distributing motor vehicle registrations, and more.

While these tasks are usually performed by an employee of a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, some states (like Maryland and Wisconsin) allow independent retail agents to perform the basic auto duties like the ones mentioned above. To become a title service agent in Maryland, you must first get licensed.

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Truck In Car Wash

What You Need To Know About The NYC Car Wash License & Bond

new york city car wash bond

On June 29th, 2015, New York City passed the Car Wash Accountability Act. This Act was passed to mandate and establish higher accountability and requirements for car wash operators in NYC.

The Car Wash Accountability Act, which went into effect on December 26, 2015, requires all car wash operators to obtain a license and bond before they are legally allowed to operate in the city.

After some revisions of the law, the New York Department of Consumer Affairs has begun accepting applications for car wash licenses and will begin enforcing the Car Wash Accountability Act on December 4, 2017.

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4 Fast Facts About Reclamation Bonds

reclamation bond

When you’re entering into a new contract, a surety bond is one of the best ways to reassure all parties that your company will fulfill its obligations.

As a company focused on resource extraction, a Reclamation Bond can help reassure stakeholders that you will follow guidelines for site reclamation once your project is complete.

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What Is A Fuel Tax Bond?

what is a fuel tax bond

A Fuel Tax Bond is a type of surety bond that fuel sellers need in order to get licensed. The bond guarantees payment of taxes on fuel.

Unlike insurance, which protects the insured, a surety bond protects the state and your clients. If you do not pay taxes when selling, distributing or mixing fuel, the state can make a claim against  your Fuel Tax Bond. 

Likewise, if your clients are hindered because of misrepresentation or fraud of your services, they can also make a claim against your bond.

There are many types of Fuel Tax Bonds including bonds for airline, marine, and ground transportation operations. Fuel Tax Bonds are often called IFTA (International Fuel Tax Bonds.)

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How To Get A California Car Wash License In 4 Steps

how to get a california car wash license

In the state of California, anyone that is in the business of washing or polishing cars is required to be registered. “Car washing and polishing” includes washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, detailing, servicing, or otherwise providing cosmetic care to vehicles. It does not include vehicle repair. 

For details on who needs to get a California Car Wash License, view the California Car Wash Requirements.

Before starting the process, brush up on important information and instructions for new and renewal applicants.

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What Is A Patient Trust Bond And What Care Facilities Need One

what is a patient trust bond

Moving a loved one into a care home can be a difficult, but needed decision. Family members want to ensure they are choosing the best care facility possible for their loved one. This is especially important when the care facility will be offering assitance when it comes to funds.

Care facilities can show they are law-abiding and trustworthy by purchasing a Patient Trust Bond for their facility.

Family members can ensure their loved one has a recourse of mismanged funds by choosing a facility that holds a Patient Trust Bond.

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How Much Will a $75,000 ICC Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84) Cost Me?

cost of a freight broker bond

If you are a new freight broker or freight carrier, you will need to file either a trust fund agreement (BMC-85) or an ICC Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84).

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set the bond amount at $75,000.

Previously, freight brokers could file a $10,000 bond, but with the new transportation law, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), the bond amount is now $75,000.

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Freight Trucks On Highway

ICC Freight Broker Bonds (BMC-84) & How To Get One

ICC freight broker bond

If you are a new freight broker or freight carrier, you might have been told you need to file a trust fund agreement (BMC-85). But did you know you could file an ICC Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84) instead and save money?

Trust funds (BMC-85) tie up your money and require 100% collateral. The surety bond (BMC-84) only requires an annual premium. Some of our customers have been bonded for as low as $938!

To get a free quote, complete our online ICC Freight Broker Bond application.

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Washington Agricultural Dealer Bond

washington agricultural dealer bond

Farmers don’t always have the time or energy to take their products to local markets. They need a middleman: an agricultural dealer. If you are an agricultural dealer who buys products from farmers and resells these products on the market, you must get licensed and bonded. The Washington State Department of Agriculture requires agricultural product dealers to post surety bonds before they can legally work in the state.

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