How To Get A Surety Bond In Oregon

oregon surety bond

Many businesses in Oregon need a surety bond. Popular Oregon surety bonds include the following: Oregon Contractor License Bonds, Oregon BOLI Bonds, Oregon Car Dealer Bonds, and Oregon Farm Labor Contractor Bonds.

A surety bond promises you will follow through on your obligations. If you fail to follow through, someone can make a claim against your bond.

Not sure what Oregon surety bond you need? Browse our Popular Bonds page.

How to get a Surety Bond in Oregon

Step #1: Contact company and apply for bond

You can get a surety bond through your local insurance agency or a surety bond company. Many people choose a surety bond company because surety companies specialize in surety.

Most companies let you apply for your surety bond online.

Browse available Oregon surety bonds. Apply online.

Step #2: Get pricing for bond

After applying for your bond, the company will evaluate bonding you. They will look at your personal and business information.

One of the biggest things they look at is your credit score.

Find out why:

How much does an Oregon surety bond cost?

The price you pay for your bond is almost always dependant on your personal credit score.

Those with good credit will have to pay less for their bond than those with bad credit.

The below chart shows you what you might pay for your Oregon surety bond.

oregon surety bond

The best way to see what you’d pay for your bond is to get a free quote.

Free quotes for Oregon Bonds

Step #3: Pay for bond

To get your surety bond, you just need to pay and sign an indemnity agreement.

You only need to pay one time for your bond. The only time you would need to pay for your bond monthly is if you chose to finance your bond.

Many bonds must be renewed each year. In these cases, you would need to pay for your bond to renew it.


Not sure what bond you need? Not sure if you even need a bond? Contact Surety Solutions.

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