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So you bought a car with no title and now you want to get a title in your name. Maybe you’ve been the victim of title jumping. What do you do?

If you can’t get ahold of the seller, you might think you have no options left.

You aren’t stuck yet. You might be able to get a bonded title.

What is a Bonded Title?

A bonded title is a regular title that is marked “bonded”. Maybe you have heard of a salvage title or a rebuilt title? Those are titles that have a title brand.

A bonded title is just a title with a “bonded” brand. It implies there is a surety bond attached to the title.

The “bonded” brand can be removed from the title in 3-5 years, and you can go apply for a clean title.

To get a bonded title, your local DMV will require you to purchase a Lost Title Bond (surety bond) as a form of insurance for them and any previous owners of the vehicle.

Further instructions are below for how the Bonded Title process works.


Car Without a Title – How to get a Bonded Title

Step #1: Check with your local DMV to make sure you are eligible

The only person who can tell you if you are eligible for a bonded title is your local DMV. Call and explain your situation. Ask if you are eligible for a bonded title. If they say yes, you can start the process to get a bonded title.

Here are common situations where you might need a bonded title.

Here are step-by-step tutorials for all the states that allow for bonded titles:

View tutorials on how to get a Bonded Title

If your state is not listed, it means it does not allow for bonded titles. Contact your local DMV for options on how to get a title for your vehicle.

Step #2: Purchase a Lost Title Bond

Before the DMV issues you a title, they want to ensure they are protected. This is why they make you get a surety bond.

You can apply for your surety bond online with a surety bond company.

Make sure you apply for the correct bond amount. 

You only have to pay one time for your bond. Most people pay $100.

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company does not issue Certificate of Lost Title Bonds

Step #3: Turn your bond into the DMV

After you purchase your bond, it will be mailed to you.
Bonds are mailed via mail.
Once you get your bond, take it to the DMV and apply for your bonded title.
There might be other requirements to get a bonded title (such as title paperwork, sending certified letters to any previous title owners, etc). For exact requirements on every state, view our step-by-step tutorials.

Conditions of Getting a Bonded Title

When you get a bonded title, you are promising you are the true owner of the vehicle. The bond is in place to protect the state DMV and any previous owners of the vehicle.

If someone comes forward later on and says that they are the owner of the vehicle and that you should not have been granted a bonded title, they can make a claim on your Lost Title Bond. If the claim is determined to be valid, the surety company would pay the person a fair amount. It would then be your responsibility to repay the surety company.

You can learn more about the bond claim process.

If you are the rightful owner of the vehicle, you should not have to worry about any bond claims.

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