Expert Interview With Dr. Timothy Ludwig On Cultivating A Safety Culture




Want to know more about the importance of safety in the modern business world? Dr. Timothy Ludwig of dedicates much of his professional career to helping others stay safe and educating businesses on the important aspects of cultivating a safety culture. He was kind enough to answer some of our questions regarding his work and passion for safety. He also shared some insights into the keys to his success.

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Expert Interview With Wally Zimolong Of Zimolong LLC On Surety Bonds For DBEs



Disadvantaged business enterprises, or DBEs, are, as the name suggests, at a disadvantage when it comes to surety bonds. This prevents businesses run by minorities from being as competitive as they could be, keeping them out of the running on larger contracting jobs like government projects or road construction.

However, there are a number of programs and practices in place to help DBEs get bonded, giving DBEs the same opportunities as everyone else.

We talked to Wally Zimolong, of Philadelphia’s Zimolong LLC, a construction, real estate, and development firm that specializes in disadvantaged business enterprises, about some of the opportunities and challenges facing DBEs presently.

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Woman With Stacks Of One Hundred Dollar Bills Typing On Calculator

Is There A Difference In Cost For Different Bond Types?

surety bond cost

You’re starting a new business, or you’ve been named as the executor for a family member’s estate. What do these two situations have in common? Both may call for a surety bond.

Surety bond products provide financial protection to customers, beneficiaries, and many others who are in a vulnerable financial position. There are many different products, and they each have different requirements and a different cost.

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If I Am Approved For 10 Bonds And Only Have 2 Issued Now, Do I Have To Pay For All 10?

surety bond payment

When you need a surety bond, you may need a single bond. To receive that bond, you work with a surety company to examine your business and credit history and establish that you’re a reliable and responsible business.

A surety bond is not only part of many licensing processes, it also ensures that your customers are protected. What happens if you need more than one bond? You can be approved for multiple bonds, but do you need to pay for all of them at the same time?

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Texas City Of Houston – Sidewalk-Driveway-Curb-Gutter Builder Bond

houston sidewalk bond

If you work in the City of Houston to install sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and gutters, you are required to have a permit from the City of Houston and you must get a surety bond before you can be issued the permit.

This permit lasts for a year and ensures that you will abide by the conditions set out in the public works design manual section. You must abide by city ordinances regarding the construction, reconstruction, and repair of sidewalks, culverts, driveways, gutters, and curbs.  You can learn more about the permit at the Houston Permitting Center website.

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California Guide License Bond


As a fish and game guide in the State of California, your clients trust you to have the expertise to create an enjoyable experience. You’re responsible for your clients’ well-being during their excursion. You’re also responsible for following state regulations and you must ensure that you make ethical financial decisions. A surety bond shows your clients that you are an honest, responsible, and ethical guide.

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