As a fish and game guide in the State of California, your clients trust you to have the expertise to create an enjoyable experience. You’re responsible for your clients’ well-being during their excursion. You’re also responsible for following state regulations and you must ensure that you make ethical financial decisions. A surety bond shows your clients that you are an honest, responsible, and ethical guide.

What is a California Guide License Bond?

A California Guide License Bond is a type of surety bond that is required for anyone that wants to get a Califorina Guide License. A surety bond is an agreement between three parties. As the person or business who secures the bond, you are called the principal. You are responsible for getting a bond as a condition of your license, and you are also responsible for ensuring that your clients can trust your business. This allows you to maintain your surety bond.

Your clients are called the obligees. If they suffer hardship due to unethical behavior or negligence on your part or a failure to follow the rules, they may make a claim against your company.

The surety bond company is the third party in this agreement. As the principal, you work with the surety bond company to secure a bond. The company examines your history and determines whether you are a responsible business. They then post a bond amount that will help you manage claims that come in. Ultimately, your company is responsible for paying for any claim amounts.

California Guide License Bond

Who Needs a California Guide License Bond?

When you apply for the California Fish and Game Guide License, you need to hold a California Guide License Bond. Who is a fish and game guide? For licensing purposes, a guide is considered to be a person who is compensated for assisting others as they seek to hunt for, photograph, or view birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, or mammals. Those who transport people to a hunting or fishing area are also considered to be guides.

How to Get a California Guide License Bond

When you’re looking for a California Guide License Bond, you’ll work with a surety agent to get your bond. The surety company underwriter will ask for information about your business and financial history. This may include information about your business track record and references, claims made against your business, and your credit history and access to credit.

As a company, you do not need to pay the entire posted bond amount. The surety company underwriter will give you a quote that is a percentage of the total amount. This quote depends on your business and financial history, and it can run between 1 and 15 percent of the total posted amount.

When you’re a fish and game guide, you’re not only responsible for helping your clients have an excellent time, you are also responsible for safeguarding their financial and physical wellbeing. A surety bond shows your clients that you’ll act in their best interest and follow rules and regulations. If you’re looking for a surety bond, contact Surety Solutions. With our OneClick system, we’ll get you multiple quotes so that you can choose the bond solution that best fits your needs.

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