Top 10 Strangest Surety Bonds

strange surety bonds


There’s a surety bond for just about everything, and here’s the proof! Here are the top 10 strangest, weirdest, most bizarre surety bonds that are guaranteed to make you say “What?!”



#1: Citrus Fruit Dealer Bond


Mandates that citrus fruit dealers follow all rules and regulations relating to purchasing, selling, and handling citrus fruits.



#2: Dog Bite Bond

weird surety bond

Requires any owner of a dog that has bitten a human to take steps to ensure the dog doesn’t harm other people.



#3: Coin Operated Amusement Machine Bond


strange surety bond

Promises that an owner will pay taxes and fees on coin operated amusement machines to the state.



#4: Dance Studio Bond


Requires dancing schools to provide quality dance lessons and follow all code of conduct.



#5: Telemarketer Bond


Also known as Phone Solicitor Bonds or Professional Solicitor Bonds. Promises telemarketers will follow state regulations while operating.



#6: Milk Dealer Bond


Guarantees payment of shipments to the various milk producers for which the milk dealer has a contract with.



#7: Car Wash Bond


weird surety bond

Guarantees car wash owners will adhere to all rules a regulations of operating a car wash, such as paying wages and benefits to employees.



#8: Cemetery Brokers Bond


Promises honest and faithful performance by any person who sells, buys, lists, leases, or solicits the purchase of a cemetery property.



#9: Dry Cleaner Bond

strange surety bonds

Guarantees that clothes turned over to dry cleaner operations will be cleaned and free of damage.



#10: Photocopier Bond


weird surety bond

Promises that photocopier service providers will comply with business provisions and professional code when providing photocopy services.


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