How To Get An Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond

oregon highway use tax bond

Oregon Highway Use Tax Bonds are required by the Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Transportation Division.

An Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond is a type of surety bond that promises you will pay your highway taxes.

If you operate a commercial vehicle with a gross weight of over 26,000 pounds, you will need to get this bond. If you operate a commercial vehicle that is less than 26,000 pounds but you are hauling for-hire, you will also need to get this bond.

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How To Start A Winery In Oregon

oregon winery license

If you are planning on starting your own winery in Oregon, you are going to need to get licensed.  This guide explains the steps need to get an Oregon Winery License.

For resources on establishing a vineyard, water and land use, economics, and more please view the following resources:

If you are taking over a winery that already has a license, you may be able to simply get a 90-Day Temporary Authority to Operate.

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How To Get An Oregon Car Dealer License

how to get an oregon dealer license

Oregon residents have a high demand for vehicles, but in order to start your own car dealership you need to go through the process of being licensed and bonded. Here are the steps you need to take to start a car dealership in Oregon and get your Oregon Dealer License:

Short on time? Read our Motor Vehicle Dealer License FAQ

Not sure if you need a dealer license? Check out this post on selling cars without a dealer license.

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Construction Flag In Oregon

Oregon Construction Flagging Contractors: Licensed & Bonded

oregon construction flagging contractor bond

Oregon construction flagging contractors will need to become licensed and bonded soon. Senate Bill 596 was signed into law June of 2015 and it takes effect on July 1, 2017.

Once the bill takes effect, construction flagging contractors in Oregon will no longer be able to work without an Oregon Contractor License and an Oregon Contractor License Bond.

These requirements were made to better align construction professionals and make sure there are no discrepancies between construction licenses.

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How To Become A Boxing Promoter In Oregon

how to become a boxing promoter in oregon

Being a promoter for boxing or other combat sports can be an exciting and lucrative endeavor, but before you start promoting fights in Oregon you will need to get an Oregon Boxing Promoter License to do so.  

A promoter is anyone licensed by the superintendent to arrange or host a boxing, wrestling, or MMA match and is legally responsible for the match.  A person cannot be licensed as a promoter for such an event and also be licensed as either a manager or a contestant for a combat sport. 

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