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If you are planning on starting your own winery in Oregon, you are going to need to get licensed.  This guide explains the steps need to get an Oregon Winery License.

For resources on establishing a vineyard, water and land use, economics, and more please view the following resources:

If you are taking over a winery that already has a license, you may be able to simply get a 90-Day Temporary Authority to Operate.

How to get an Oregon Winery License

Step #1: Determine what kind of license you need

View list of license types and license privileges.

The following steps are for an Oregon Winery License (WY and WYNC).

Step #2: Complete pre-application requirements

Pre-application requirements include:

Step #3: Complete license application

Your application packet will need to include the following forms to be complete:

Step #4: Purchase an Oregon Winery Bond

You may be exempt from this bond if you meet the exemption requirements.

Otherwise, the Commission will determine your bond amount.

The price you’ll pay for your bond will be dependent on your personal credit score.

  • Those with good credit can expect to pay 1-3% of the total bond amount set by Commission.
  • Those with bad credit can expect to pay 4-15% of the total bond amount set by Commission.

To see what you’d pay for a bond, get a free quote below.

Winery Bond Quotes
(for individuals)

The purpose of an Oregon Winery Bond is to ensure you pay taxes and fees on wine. If you don’t, the state can make a claim against your bond.

Step #5: Submit paperwork

Submit the above paperwork to the OLCC office that covers the city or county where your winery will be located.

Do not include a license fee when you submit.

Eventually, a $250 license fee will be required to secure your license. There is an additional $2.60 fee if you will be allowing on-site consumption of wine.

Step #6: Wait for approval

The OLCC office for your city/county will work on determining your approval. Once approved, you will receive documents to take to your local government.

Make sure to complete the required testing if you are required to do so.


Contact the OLCC office that covers the city or county that you wish to be licensed in.

View OLCC office locations.

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