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What Is A Bond for Pure Food And Drug Act Seizure

food and drug seizure act bond


What is a Bond For Pure Food And Drug Seizure?


A Bond for Pure Food And Drug Act Seizure is a type of surety bond that in involved in the requiring of property that has been seized due to failure to meet proper regulations. The government is allowed to confiscate any goods that are in violation of the Pure Food and Drug Act. This would lead to a court case where the court would decide what the fate of the goods would be.


If the owner of the goods chooses, he or she may apply for a Bond for Pure Food and Drug Seizure that would allow him/her to take the goods back in to possession and personally follow out the court’s judgment. Sometimes, the court may decide that the goods can still be sold with altered labeling, sometimes the goods are considered unfit for consumption and need to be disposed of. 

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What Is A Dissolve Injunction Bond?

what is a dissolve injunction bond

What is a Court Injunction?

A court injunction is a judicial order that requires a person to do or stop doing something. Plaintiffs can apply for a court injunction, which requests the judge to prohibit the defendant from engaging or carrying out a specific act, or orders the defendant to stop doing something that is damaging to the plaintiff.

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Washington Court Bond – Guardian/Conservator/Trustee

washington court bond

Becoming a guardian, conservator, or trustee can be a rewarding experience, but without the proper knowledge of the job you are getting into, it can be a costly and arduous job to fulfill.

Want to become a guardian, conservator, or trustee in the state of Washington? Brush up on your knowledge with this blog post to make sure you are ready.

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Death Without A Will: Now What?

death without a will


Death Without a Will…Now What?


What happens when you die without a will? If a loved one has passed away without leaving a will, you will need to consult state law to determine who inherits the assets. Every state has individual laws regarding which of the closest relatives get the determined assets.

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Everything You Need To Know About Conservatorship Bonds

A Conservatorship Bond (aka. Guardianship Bond) is a type of court bond that ensures an individual that has been appointed in a court of law will perform and fulfill his or her obligations and duties. Certain situations require a guardianship bond, such as when the court appoints an individual to overtake the finances or assets of someone who can no longer manage them themselves. Such cases might include a child whose parents are deceased, or an elderly or disabled person.Conservatorship

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