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California Seller Of Travel License: 5 Simple Steps

how to become a california seller of travel

If you are planning on selling or arranging travel on land, air, or water in the state of California, you will first need to get licensed as a California Seller of Travel.

California Seller of Travel law is the strictest and most complex of all state seller of travel laws. Contact the California Department of Justice if you have questions about the process.

Short on time? Check out our “4 Easy Steps To Get Your Seller of Travel License” post.

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What You Need To Know About Administrator Bonds

what is an administrator bond

What is an Administrator?

An Administrator is a person appointed by a probate court when an individual dies leaving an estate but no will. An Administrator is appointed to oversee the deceased’s assets. This includes paying off the deceased’s creditors and taxes, as well as distributing the estate in the way the deceased would have liked to those who are entitled under law

Sometimes an Administrator is chosen via the probate process. Not sure how probate works? Check out this post on how the probate process works.

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How To Get A California Escrow License

california escrow agent license

All escrow agents performing escrow services in California are either “licensed” or “controlled” escrow companies. A licensed escrow company (also known as in independent escrow company) is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight.

The definitions in the Escrow Law determine who is subject to the licensing requirements. There are exemptions to getting a California Escrow license. View licensing exemptions.

If you are not exempt from getting licensed and you wish to perform escrow services, you will need to get a California Escrow License.

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Replevin Bonds: What Do They Look Like In The Real World?

what is a replevin bond

What does Replevin Mean?

Replevin is a type of lawsuit in which an individual (a plaintiff) can retrieve articles of personal property that were wrongfully taken or detained by a defendant.

Unlike other forms of legal recovery, Replevin seeks the return of the actual article of personal property in question, not comprable money damages.

Replevin is also called Claim and Delivery, or sometimes Revendication.

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How To Get A Washington Agriculture License

washington agricultural dealer license

A Washington State Agricultural Dealer License is required for any person or business that produces, handles, contracts for, or obtains agriculture for sale to wholesalers or retailers in the state of Washington.

Before agricultural dealers start selling products, they must get a Washington Agricultural Dealer License and Washington Agricultural Products Dealer Bond. 

 Washington Agricultural Dealer Licenses can be obtained at any time, but the licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

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