How To Become An Illinois Mortgage Loan Broker

illinois mortgage loan broker license

Any person or company who negotiates, places, assists in placing, finds, or offers to do any of the above on residential property in the state of Illinois needs an Illinois Mortgage Broker License.


You are not legally authorized to engage in mortgage brokering or mortgage lending activities in the state of Illinois until you have secured your mortgage license. This is due to the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act statutes. 

Illinois Mortgage Licenses are issued by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

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Judges Gavel On Top Of Stacks Of One Hundred Dollar Bills

What Is A Release Attachment Bond?

what is a release attachment bond

What is a Release Attachment Bond?

A Release Attachment Bond (also known as a Discharge Attachment Bond) is a type of surety bond used in court cases to counter an Attachment Bond.

An Attachment is the legal seizure of a property. Therefore, a Release Attachment is an order to discharge an Attachment.

A debtor is able to secure a Release Attachment Bond after a creditor has secured an Attachment Bond. Securing a Release Attachment Bond is a legal recourse for a debtor. In some cases, a Release Attachment Bond is the best defense a debtor has.

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How To Get An Indiana Car Dealer License

Indiana dealer license

The Indiana Secretary of State licenses all Indiana car dealers. You are legally allowed to sell up to 12 vehicles in a year, as long as those vehicles are registered in your name and used primarily for personal, family, or household use.

If you wish to flip vehicles for a profit, you will need to get a license.

Not sure if you need a license? Check out this post on selling cars without a license.

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How To Get A Georgia Private Investigator License

georgia private investigator license

Georgia Private Investigator Licenses are only issued to companies. The company must have an individual who is qualified by experience or education to be the holder of the license for the company.

If you are interested in opening your own company, you can do so. Those steps are listed second in this article.

If you wish to simply work as private investigator for an already-licensed company, you can do so. The steps are listed first in this article.

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New York Process Server Knocking On Door

Getting Your New York Process Server License

new york process server license
A process server is an individual that delivers court documents (often summons) to another person (often a defendant). This allows a court to ensure a party is informed of legal action.
A business must have a Process Serving Agency License if they serve five (5) or more processes in a year. An individual must have a Process Server Individual License if they serve five (5) or more processes in a year.
You do not need a Process Server License if you are employed by a government agency that requires you serve processes as part of your job duties or if you are a licensed attorney.
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