How To Get A Nevada Liquor License

how to get a Nevada Liquor License

In Nevada, anyone that is importing, wholesaling, or manufacturing alcohol is required to be licensed with the state. 

Note that a liquor retailer cannot also be a liquor importer/wholesaler.

If you wish to open a bar in Nevada, contact the city/county clerk or local law enforcement authorities in the area which you wish to open a location.

How to get a Nevada Liquor License

Step #1: Determine which license you need

There are two different Nevada Liquor Licenses:

  • Importer/Wholesaler License: Possesses alcohol after importation; Can sell liquor to retail stores or other wholesalers in Nevada, but not to consumers.
  • Manufacturer License: Manufactures alcohol; Does not partake in the business of importing, wholesaling, or retailing.

Importers and wholesalers must first have a warehouse located within the state before they start the licensing process.

Step #2: Complete a Nevada Liquor License Application

View and download the Nevada Liquor License Application.

Instructions for completing the application are on Page 5 of the application.

Step #3: Purchase a Nevada Liquor Tax Bond

Be sure to apply for the correct bond amount:


  • Beer only- $10,000 bond
  • Wine, beer & spirits- $50,000 bond


  • Brew pub- $1,000 bond
  • Brewer- $1,000 bond
  • Winemaker- $1,000 bond
  • Rectifier- $50,000 bond

Get free Nevada Liquor Tax Bond quotes

More about the Nevada Liquor Tax Bond at the bottom of the post.

Step #4: Pay Fees


  • Importer of wine, beer & spirits- $500
  • Importer of beer- $150
  • Wholesaler of wine, beer & spirits- $250
  • Wholesaler of beer- $75


  • Brew pub- $75
  • Brewer- $75
  • Craft Distillery- $75
  • Instructional Wine Making- $75
  • Rectifier- $550

Step #5: Submit your paperwork

You should submit your Nevada Liquor Tax License Application, bond, and other requirements to the location listed on the application.

Depending on what city your business is located in, you will either mail your paperwork to the Incorporated Cities Governing Board or the Board of County Commissioners.

Note that it can take up to six months for the entire process due to extensive background checks that are completed by the county or incorporated city.

For questions about the licensing process, contact Nevada Department of Taxation at 1-866-962-3707

About the Nevada Liquor Tax Bond

What is a Nevada Liqour Tax Bond?

A Nevada Liquor Tax Bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees you will pay the taxes you accrues on sales of liquor. 

If a winery or similar business does not pay their taxes in full, the Nevada Department of Taxation could make a claim on the business’s Liquor Tax Bond. If a claim is determined to be valid, the surety company will step in and pay the taxes. The liquor company is responsible for repaying the surety company. 

You can learn more about the bond claim process.

How Much Does a Bond Cost?

You will pay anywhere from 1-15% of the total bond amount you need. 

For example, if you need a $10,000 bond, you might pay anywhere from $100 – $1500 for your bond. The rate you pay is largely based off your personal credit score.

Bond amounts are listed below:


  • Beer only- $10,000
  • Wine, beer & spirits- $50,000


  • Brew pub- $1,000
  • Brewer- $1,000
  • Winemaker- $1,000
  • Rectifier- $50,000

To see what you’d pay for a Nevada Liquor Bond, get a free quote below:

See what you’ll pay for your Nevada Liquor Tax Bond

For questions about how to get licensed, contact Nevada Department of Taxation at 1-866-962-3707.

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