How To Get Your Florida Mobile Home Dealer License

florida mobile home dealer license

Florida law states that any person, firm, partnership, or corporation that buys, sells, offers for sale, displays for sale, or deals 1 (one) or more mobile homes in a 12-month period is considered to be a mobile home dealer and must get licensed.

If you fail to get your license and still conduct business, you could be found guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a fine of $500. You could also be liable for violated Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, which is subject to fines of up to $5,000 per violation, and possibly a permanent injunction issued by a circuit court.

Here are the steps to get your Florida Mobile Home Dealer License.

How to get a Florida Mobile Home Dealer License

Step #1: Complete Application

In Florida, mobile home dealers are licensed and regulated by the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles.

You can pick up an Application for a License as a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Recreational Vehicle at any regional Division of Motor Vehicle office.

There are two license types:

  • Mobile Home Dealer – allows a person to deal in new or used mobile homes. This license permits the licensee to transact business at retail or wholesale.
  • Mobile Home Broker – allows the licensee to sell used mobile homes only. This license permits the licensee to transact business at retail or wholesale.

Step #2: Meet Requirements

  • Copy of business lease or proof of ownership for location
  • Approval by DMV of dealership location
  • Certificate proving completed dealer training seminar
  • Business documents (sales tax number, corporate agreement, etc)
  • Fingerprints and background check (cost is $54.25/person)

Do not overlook getting your dealership location approved. Your site must be approved by a Regional Office Compliance Examiner/Officer before you can be approved for a dealer license.

Step #3: Purchase Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond

Mobile home dealers in Florida are required to get a Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond as part of their licensing process.

A mobile home dealer bond is a type of surety bond that protects your clients. The bond promises you will abide by all state rules and regulations while conducting your job.

The easiest way to understand the bond is that it is insurance for others, paid by you. You can learn what would happen if a claim was made on your surety bond.

The state requires you to get a Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond in the amount of $25,000.  

You will only need to pay 1-15% of the total bond amount ($250-$3,750). 

To see what price you’d pay, get a free quote:

Free Mobile Home Dealer Bond Quotes

Step #4: Pay Fees

  • $54.25 /person for fingerprints and application processing
  • $340 fee for each mobile home dealer location
  • $40 annual fee to the Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Trust Fund.

Step #5: Submit Application and Bond

Submit everything to the regional office responsible for your dealership.


For a complete list of licensing requirements, view the Florida Mobile Home Dealer License Requirements.

For questions on getting licensed, contact the Division of Motorist Services Regional Office.

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