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Professional boxing promoters recruit boxers, set up matches, and advertise events. Boxing promoters cover all the expenses, including all the people involved in the boxing match, such as timekeepers, referees, judges, and medical personnel.

Boxing promoters are responsible for every single aspect of a boxing event from start to finish. Long hours are spent laboring over such details, and extensive travel is often involved in the job.

Follow the steps below to find out how to become a boxing promoter. 


How to Become a Boxing Promoter

Step #1: Apply For Boxing Promoter License

Apply for a license with your local or state boxing commissions office.

Step #2: Complete Boxing Promoter License Application

This is to provide the boxing commission with information on any personal associations you might have with members of the boxing commission board, contestants, judges, or other officials involved in boxing matches.

Be honest on your application, and be sure to fill it out completely. Incomplete applications are the number one reason for delay in application processing.

Step #3: Purchase Boxing Promoter Bond

A Boxing Promoter Bond is a type of surety bond that ensure you will pay all expenses incurred during boxing matches or other combat sporting events. It also guarantees that you (the promoter) fulfill your contractual obligations and comply with all local and state laws.

In short, a Boxing Promoter Bond is insurance for others, paid by you. You can learn more about what happens if someone makes a claim on your bond.

Most states require Promoter Bonds in the amount of $10,000, but some states require higher bonds. In a few states, such as Texas, two promoter bonds are required. Your promoter license application will state how much your surety bond should be for.

You will need to pay a percentage of the total bond amount. The percentage you pay is largely based on your personal credit score.

Free Promoter Bond Quotes

Step #4: Mail and Wait

Send your boxing promoter license application, boxing promoter bond, and any fees or other necessary paperwork to your local or state boxing commission office.

They will process your application and contact you if there is any additional or missing information they need from you to approve your license. If your license is approved, you should receive your license in the mail in a couple of weeks.

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