How To Get Your California MMA Promoter License
california mma promoter license

Are you looking to start promoting MMA events in the state of California?  Before you get ahead of yourself you are going to need to get a license to promote the event.  These are the basic steps you will need to take to get on your way to hosting your own MMA match.

How to get a California MMA Promoter License

Step #2: Pay application fee:
  • $250 for amateur promoters
  • $1,000 for professional promoters
Step #3: Submit fingerprints for every owner or partner involved
Step #4: Purchase $50,000 short-term medical insurance
Step #5: Provide passport size pictures of each owner or partner
Step #6: Provide Financial Statements And Resumes   
Step #7: Purchase California Promoter Surety Bond:
  • $1,000 for amateur
  • $50,000 for professional 
Contact the commission before purchasing your bond. They may require a different amount based on your specific event.
boxing bond

What is a California Promoter Surety Bond?

A California Promoter Bond ensures proper payment for damages, penalties, taxes, or expenses incurred during any promotional activities necessary for the proper functioning of any public or private boxing, wresting, or mixed martial arts competition.

Of course, this bond comes with strings attached. The promoter (or the individual purchasing the bond) and all of the promoter’s agents and employees have to perform and abide by all the obligations and rules of the Athletic Commission. The California Promoter Bond helps ensure that the promoter complies with all rules, regulations, and laws when performing in the state of California. In this sense, a California Promoter Bond can be understood as a type of performance bond.

As is the case with all surety bonds, pricing is based on the applicant’s personal credit history and financial records. Sports promoters with excellent credit can expect to pay 1 to 3% of the total bond amount.

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