what is a janitorial bond

You have a cleaning or janitorial business and someone tells you that you need a Janitorial Bond. What does that mean exactly, and why do you need this for your business?

What is a Janitorial Bond?

In short, a Janitorial Bond is a type of Fidelity Bond that protects your clients from theft of your employees.

A Janitorial Bond is not insurance; it does not protect your business from damage. Instead, it protects your customers from theft done by your employees.

You can get more information on the different types of Fidelity Bonds and what they cover.

Janitorial Bonds are also called:

  • Janitorial Service Bonds
  • Janitorial Bonding Insurance
  • Cleaning Bonds
  • House Cleaning Service Bonds
  • Custodian Bonds
  • Business Service Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds

All of the above names mean the same thing: a surety bond that protects your clients from theft done by your employees.

How Does a Janitorial Bond Work?

This is how the bond works: You purchase a Janitorial Bond from a licensed surety bond provider. You are now bonded. The bond protects against theft of your customers.

If one of your employees steals something from one of your customers while on the job, your customer can make a claim against your Janitorial Service Bond.

You can learn more about how the bond claim process works.

A Janitorial Bond is not the same as insurance. A Janitorial Bond does not protect you or your company, nor does it protect against property damage.

If you wish to protect yourself or your company from employee theft, you would need to get an Employee Dishonesty Bond. If you wish to protect against property damage, you would need to get a separate type of insurance. A Janitorial Bond only covers client theft done by your employees.

You can get more information on the different types of Fidelity Bonds and what they cover.

How Much Does a Janitorial Bond Cost?

Janitorial Service Bonds are some of the cheapest bonds available to purchase.

These bonds are very inexpensive for the amount of coverage you get. For example, a business who wants $100,000 in coverage can secure a Janitorial Bond for around $300-$400 a year.

Some Janitorial Bonds can even be secured for as low as $100 a year.

Many policies cover up to $500,000 in losses without significant premium increases.

Get a Janitorial Cleaning Service Bond quote

The cost of your bond might depend on how many employees you have and what type of work you are performing/what types of clients you are serving. If you are providing services for high-end clients, you might wish to secure a higher coverage.

Who Needs a Janitorial Bond?

Janitorial Bonds are 100% voluntary. They are not required for businesses.

Businesses that might desire to secure a Janitorial Bond include:

  • Cleaning Service Providers (house cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc)
  • Landscapers
  • House Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Pet Sitters

Essentially, if your employees are entering the homes (or going onto the property) of your customers, you might consider purchasing a Janitorial Service Bond to protect your customers.

Janitorial Bonds are a great advertising tool though, so they provide an added layer of protection for people who might be looking to hire you.

Not sure if you want to get a Janitorial Bond for your business? Check out this resource: 6 Things Your Janitorial Bond Does For Your Business.

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