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7 MUST WATCH TED Talks for Local Agents & Small Business Owners

If you’re a successful Local Agent or Small Business Owner you are a life-learner. You are always on the lookout for helpful inputs that sharpen your sword as you build your business. YouTube and TED’s Talks are a great free source of content. You don’t necessarily have to “watch” content. Listening during your workout, your workday, or during your commute.

“If you’re a successful Local Agent or Small Business Owner you are a life-learner.” (Click to Tweet)

Here are 7 MUST WATCH TED’s Talks for Local Agents & Small Business Owners…(counting down)

#7: “Listen, Learn…then Lead” by Stanley McChrystal (15:38 mins)

The 4-Star General shares about what he learned about leadership from decades of military experience. Memorable sound bites like “Leaders can let you fail, but not be a failure” and “Personal relationships are more important than ever” pervade. This is simply great content for any leader who is seeking to take people to a better future. Your Agency will be better if you learn and apply these timeless leadership principles.

#6: “How to Spot a Liar” by Pamela Meyer (18:47 mins)

Meyer reveals that we are all lied to between 10 to 200 times PER DAY! She gives you clues about how you can detect lies. Given that employee theft and insurance fraud are both rampant this short training will give you some equipping in detecting the lies that come your way every day. Meyer makes the case for honesty and integrity as essential to all human relationships, business or otherwise.

#5: “A Life of Purpose” by Rick Warren (21:03 Mins)

This video is a power reminder that you matter and what you do matters. As I interact with Insurance Professionals and Small Business Owners I am struck by how many are committed to their families, their communities, and the betterment of those that they serve. Warren’s message will resonate with most as we come back to what is important. He asks all of us the compelling question “What are you going to do with what you’ve been given?” Warren reminds us that we leaders in our community and this requires Stewardship. You’ll be better for having listened.

#4: “Got a Meeting? Take a Walk” by Nilofer Merchant (3:29 mins)

Nilofer Merchant exposes a largely invisible problem that plagues most of us. Namely, that we are sitting ourselves to death! She offers a simple, practical solution with the “walking meeting.” This short video will help you think more intentionally about how to remain active throughout our workday. Here’s to a healthy workday and a healthier life!

#3: “The Puzzle of Motivation” by Dan Pink (18:36 mins)

Pink offers counter-intuitive research that suggests that we are motivating our employees the wrong way. He claims there is a mismatch between what “Science Knows” and what “Business Does.” In this fast-paced presentation you will learn “What Science Knows” about getting the most out of employees. You will be challenged to think through the different effects of extrinsic (e.g. money) and intrinsic (e.g. making the world a better place) motivations.

#2: “The Key to Success? Grit” by Angela Lee Duckworth (6:08 mins)

In this short video, Duckworth questions the notion that IQ is the primary variable in success. Instead, she makes the case that grit is more important than genius. Duckworth studied young students and confirmed that perseverance, patience, resilience are more essential than raw smarts. She offers as the power reminder to insurance professionals and small business owners. Sticking to your guns and push through resistance. Follow through on your commitments, strategies, and leads on your way to success. See what you think.

“Follow through on your commitments, strategies, and leads on your way to success.” (Click to Tweet)

#1: “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sinek (18:01 mins)

In what has become one of the most viewed TED’s Talks ever, Sinek makes a compelling case for the practice of great leaders. He uses the illustration of the Golden Circle of Why, How, What to describe “Buyology.” This is so essential for Local Agents to know as we are all tempted to spend too much time on the “What” (e.g. We provide great customer service) to the neglect of the “Why?” The local agents who start with “Why” and will thrive. If you only watch one video, make it this one.



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