How To Get Your Oregon Wholesale Fish Dealer License

oregon wholesale fish dealer license

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife requires all wholesale fish dealers in Oregon to get licensed. There are many different licenses. This post is in regards to the Wholesale Fish Dealer License (Reporting).

For a full list of the different licenses, check out this page.

What is an Oregon Wholesale Fish Dealer License?

An Oregon Wholesale Fish Dealer License will allow you to do the following:

  • Buy commercially caught fish and shellfish from licensed commercial harvesters
  • Buy commercially caught fish and shellfish from other wholesale dealers
  • Process fish or shellfish or any part thereof
  • Sell fish to retail businesses or other wholesalers

Each Wholesale Fish Dealer is also issued a set of fish ticket books for the fisheries they are participating in and self-address, postage paid envelopes for timely reporting. Monthly dealer reporting is required when you are a Wholesale Fish Dealer.

What are the Requirements to get Licensed?

What is an OR Wholesale Fish Dealer Bond?

An OR Wholesale Fish Dealer Bond is a type of performance surety bond that ensures fish dealers follow all state rules and regulations. The surety bond protects the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife against any financial losses as a result of poor business decisions made by you, the fish dealer. In short, an Oregon Fish Dealer Bond holds you accountable for your business decisions.

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How Much will my Oregon Fish Dealer Bond Cost?

The bond amount is set at $1,000. If you have good credit, expect to pay around 1% ($100) for your bond. Those with not-so-great credit will have to pay more.

How do I get an OR Fish Dealer Bond?

The application process for a $1,000 OR Wholesale Fish Dealer Bond is easy. You can apply online through a surety bond company like Surety Solutions, complete the application, and get bonded the very same day.

Not ready to complete your application? No problem. You can still get informed on how much your bond would cost you by using our free online quote generator, The Bond Cost Calculator. By using the Bond Cost Calculator, you can view free quotes at your leisure, anytime, anywhere, with no obligation to buy.

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