How To Get A Georgia Contractors License

georgia contractor license

The Georgia Board for Residential and General Contractors regulates and licenses individuals who want to become contractors in Georgia.

To get a Georgia Contractor License, you must pass a two-part exam covering the license you are attempting to obtain; one in business and one in law. Applicants must also submit a license application and secure a Georgia Contractor Bond. Follow these steps to get your Georgia Contractors License.

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How to get a Georgia Contractors License


Step #1: Meet Initial Requirements

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Good character and financially responsible
  • Must meet ONE of the following requirements:
    • (a) 4-year degree in architecture, construction management, building construction or some related field
    • (b) Combination of college courses and proven practical experience (totaling 4 years together)
    • (c) At least 4 years of proven practical experience, at least 2 of which should have been as, or in the employment of, a general contractor/administration 

Step #2: Determine What Kind of License You Need

  • Residential-Basic Contractor: Contractor work relative to detached one-family and two-family residences and one-family townhouses not over three stories in height
  • Residential-Light Commercial Contractor: Same work as residential-basic, with the addition of contractor work related to multifamily and multi-use light commercial buildings and structures
  • General Contractor: Contractor services unlimited as to type of work contracted for, undertaken to perform, bid or proposed on, and performed as a contractor
  • General Contractor-Limited Tier: Same work as general contractor, but limited to contract amounts of $500,000 or less

Learn what is required for each license with this Side By Side Georgia Contractor License Comparison Chart.

Step #3: Complete a Georgia Contractor License Application

PDF applications are below:

You can also start the application process online.

Step #4: Include Application Fee

  • The Georgia Contractor License application fee is $200. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Checks should be made payable to “State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors”

Step #5: Purchase Insurance and Surety Bond

All applicants are required to submit proof of workers compensation and liability insurance in the following amounts:

  • Residential-Basic: $300,000
  • Residential-Light Commercial: $500,000
  • General Contractor: $500,000
  • General Contractor-Limited Tier: $500,000

Applicants will also need to furnish a $25,000 Georgia Residential and General Contractors Bond.

A Georgia Contractor Bond is a type of surety bond that protects your clients should you perform shoddy work or not fulfill a contract obligation. 

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Step #6: Other Requirements

  • Education requirements – official transcript or letters of recommendation
  • Consent Form (in application package) for background check
  • CPA reference letter (in application package)

Step #7: Submit Paperwork

Submit your Georgia Contractors License Application to the Georgia State Licensing Board.  

You can check the status of your application via email (if you choose to provide your email in the application package). Acknowledgment of receipt of your application will be sent via email. 

Step #8: Pass Exam

Upon approval of your application, applicants will receive written notification of the approval, along with information on how to schedule your exam.

You must take your exam within one year, or you will have to start the application process over and receive new exam approval.

Upon passing the exam, you will receive your Georgia Contractors License. 

For more information, visit the FAQ page on the licensing website or call the Georgia Secretary of State at 478-207-2440.

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