washington tow truck endorsement

If you are interested in starting a tow truck business or being a registered tow truck operator (RTTO) in the state of Washington, you will need to receive a Washington Tow Truck License/Endorsement

Any business that transports, impounds, or stores authorized vehicles needs this license. If your business disposes of abandoned vehicles, you will also need this license.

The Washington State Department of Licensing issues new licenses. Here’s the steps you need to take:

How to get a Washington Tow Truck Endorsement

Step #1: Complete license application

You can download your Washington Business License application online and submit by mail.

You can also apply via the My DOR portal.

Step #2: Purchase insurance

You will need the following insurance:

  • $100,000 liability for bodily injury or property damage
  • $50,000 garage keepers and $50,000 on hook or cargo

Step #3: Purchase surety bond

  • Registered Tow Truck Operator Bond in the amount of $5,000.

A Washington Tow Truck Operator Bond is a type of surety bond that protects your customers. If you fail to do business ethically and honestly, someone can make a claim against your bond.

The amount you will pay for your bond is dependent on many factors, one of which is your credit score.

Want to know what you would pay for your Washington Registered Tow Truck Operator Bond? Get a free quote below.

Free WA Tow Truck Bond Quotes

Step #4: Submit

Mail all your documents and fees, in the form of a check or money order made out to “Department of Revenue” to:

State of Washington
Business Licensing Service
PO Box 9034
Olympia, WA 98507-9034

Fees schedule can be found on the DOR website. View Fee Schedule.


Contact the Department of Licensing at 360-664-6466

After Receiving Your License

After you receive your license you will need to set up a contract with the Department of Licensing to search vehicle registration information.

When you impound a vehicle or sell an abandoned vehicle, you will need to report this to the Department of Licensing.

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