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There are six Florida license types. All vehicle dealer licenses are administered and regulated through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

A Florida Franchise dealer license allows you to sell new motor vehicles under an agreement with a manufacturer. A Florida Franchise dealer license also allows you to sell used vehicles.

If you wish to only sell used vehicles, please see our post on how to get a Florida Used Dealer License.

How to get a Florida Franchise Dealer License


Before entering the business of selling motor vehicles, you must have a dealership site approved by a Division of Motorist Services Regional Office.

Address and contact information here.

Upon approval of the site by the Regional Office Compliance Examiner/Officer, you will be eligible to move forward. 

Step #1: Complete the Florida Dealer License application

View Florida Dealer License Application.

Be sure to check “VF – Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer” on the application.


Step #2: Purchase a $25K Florida Dealer Bond

A Florida Franchise Dealer Bond is a type of surety bond.

You will not have to pay $25,000 for your bond.

You will pay somewhere between 1-15% of the total bond amount, so $250 – $3,750. This will be a one-time payment, not a monthly payment.

The best way to see what you would pay for your Florida Franchise Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is to get a free quote:


Free Florida Auto Dealer Bond Quotes

Step #3: Complete pre-licensing training course

Find initial or renewal dealer training at the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Training School or by calling 888-237-0448

For a complete list of approved licensed dealer training schools, click here.

Step #4: Other requirements

All requirements are listed on the dealer license application. They include:

Worried about a past felony on your record? Check out this post on “Getting a Dealer License with a Felony”

Step #5: Submit

You need to submit your Florida Used Car Dealer License application with required documentation, your original Florida Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond, and appropriate fees ($300) to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Upon approval, you’ll receive your newly issued Florida Franchise Dealer License in the mail within a month.


For more information on how to get a Florida Franchise Dealer License, view Florida’s license requirements and steps.

Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer License Renewal

Florida Franchise Dealer Licenses expire on December 30th of each year. You must renew your license annually. The cost is $75. 

This expiration date should not be confused with the expiration date for other Florida Dealer Licenses. Used motor vehicle dealer licenses expire on April 30th, recreational vehicle dealer license expire on September 30th.

Find initial or renewal dealer training at the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association: 888-237-0448.

View our FREE EBOOK: “The Ultimate Guide To Car Dealer Licensing”


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