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historical optimization

We are so honored

We are so honored to be published by the one and only Hubspot. Hubspot Academy featured us on their customer story blog.

Why? Because we’ve been a customer since February 2014 and we’ve seen massive growth, massive online visibility, and massive increase to our bottom line.

We’ve increased our online traffic by nearly 5,635%.

Our featured post is “How To Overcome a Traffic Plateau With Historical Optimization”

View the Hubspot Blog Post

And now this is where we pretend we’ve just won an Oscar nomination:

  • Thank you to Hubspot for featuring us on your blog and giving us the opportunity to share our success story with your audience.
  • Thank you to Pamela Vaughan for discovering Historical Optimization and for detailing your findings in numerous blog posts for others to grasp onto.
  • Thank you to Corban Enns, the founder and President of Surety Solutions, and Duke Revard, the former Director of Marketing for Surety Solutions, for investing in Hubspot in February of 2014 and taking a chance.
  • And lastly, thank you to all the cats, dogs, and cups of coffee that made getting through Mondays possible.

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