What Are The Best Surety Bond Companies?


When you’re looking for a surety bond, you want to work with a reputable surety bond company to make sure that you get the service and assurance that you require.

What makes the best surety bond companies stand out?

  • They’re easy to access
  • They have great rates
  • They connect with diverse carriers
  • They have a proven track record
  • They have excellent customer service
  • They work in your location
  • They work with small or large businesses
  • They provide your bond quickly

#1: They're easy to access

When you’re looking for a quote for a surety bond, time is often pressing. You don’t want to play phone tag with a company and have to go back and forth to determine the rate you’ll pay.
Best Surety Companies
Look for a company that does its research but is also able to give you a speedy turnaround on a quote so that you can move ahead with your project planning. Also look for a company that offers multiple ways to contact them.

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company offers the following methods of communication:


#2: They have great rates

Look for a surety bond company that can work with your unique business.
Look for a company that has:

Understand that a good company will have a program that can help you, regardless of your situation. They will also go the extra mile to try and make that program work for you.

#3: They connect with diverse carriers

  • What diversity does a surety bond company offer you?
  • Does it work with just a few insurance companies?
  • Does it work with a lot?
The best surety bond companies can provide great rate quotes for your unique business by accessing many different insurance carriers.
You will want to be wary of companies/brokers who place all of their surety business with one carrier because you most likely will not be getting the best rates.
At Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company, we have relationships with over 30 of the top insurance carriers in the nation which means you have a better chance of being bonded at a lower rate.
Want to know what you would pay for your bond? Get a free quote online from the comfort of your home. It’s 100% free.

#4: They have a proven track record

You need your surety bond to reflect your responsibility to your industry, and it’s important to choose a bond provider who’s equally professional and responsible.

Look at the company’s track record and longevity, and ask to speak to references if possible. 
These resources are great for checking out a surety company:
Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company
Based on 294 reviews
Easiest system to use and, by far, the fastest company with providing E&O and Surety bond insurance. HIGHLY recommend!
Mortgage H.
Mortgage H.
20:51 02 Mar 22
Surety Solutions goes above and beyond their duty to make their customer feel confident that they are choosing the right company. Jessi Wimer personally helped me through the process. She was very informative and made sure that every concern I had was dealt with in the most professional and efficient way. Thank you for your hard work!
Chris L.
Chris L.
17:07 08 Feb 22
Excellent service; they exceeded my expectations in timeliness and professionalism.
Bridgette M. B.
Bridgette M. B.
23:24 10 Dec 21
Client services provided quick and accurate responses.
James G.
James G.
17:49 30 Nov 21
Very helpful and they respond quickly to any questions.
Eva Hammel H.
Eva Hammel H.
16:46 30 Nov 21
Katrina Fearn, Client Service Manager at Surety, is an absolute pleasure to work with!! She is always highly responsive, and has provided me nothing but excellent service since our first interaction. I highly recommend working with her and the Surety team. They will always go above and beyond. Thank you for all that you've done!
Zakieh A.
Zakieh A.
16:38 04 Nov 21
I have been working with Steve Shike and he has been so helpful. I purchased the wrong bond and Steve instantly requested a refund on my behalf and called back with the good news. I appreciate him for helping me figure out my situation in such a timely matter. Thank you Steve for responding to my calls and emails promptly.
Ashley W.
Ashley W.
18:25 10 Aug 21
Gerry J.
Gerry J.
16:30 08 Aug 21
Katrina and Surety Solutions was awesome to work with and made the process seamless. Even after I, PERSONALLY, made a mistake and caused a delay, Katrina was able to spot my mistake and kindly address the error while still delivering my bond as if nothing had happened.I have nothing but good things to say about Surety Solutions.
Xavier A.
Xavier A.
15:40 22 Jul 21
jerry T.
jerry T.
04:44 03 Jul 21
Katrina and Surety Solutions were very helpful and fast. I needed to change the bond I ordered and they handled that within minutes. Their response time to emails and request were great and that is why I will continue to work them both. All I ask for is relatively decent response time when there are issues that need resolved and Katrina far exceeded that and was friendly on top of everything else. Well done.Kris
Kristopher M.
Kristopher M.
14:23 24 Jun 21
Grace answered the phone immediately with a positive attitude and willingness to help. She followed through professionally and promptly through entire process.
Danny S.
Danny S.
14:41 15 Jun 21
Surety Solutions has been the most amazing and easiest company to work with on Bonds in my past 17 years of doing insurance. They are very quick to respond and very personal to work with. Jake Durrant is absolutely the best!
Bonnie A.
Bonnie A.
20:39 20 May 21
Suzie T.
Suzie T.
17:14 07 May 21
Easy experience.
Tonya B.
Tonya B.
01:18 21 Apr 21
I had the pleasure of working with Katrina Fearn to obtain mortgage broker surety bonds and I can say with zero hesitation, that she is wonderful to work with. Extremely responsive, communicative and helpful. Surety Solutions + Katrina = Great Partnership. Thanks!!!
Ryan M.
Ryan M.
20:18 19 Apr 21
Can't say enough good things about Katrina Fearn, she was exceptionally prompt, responsive and a true professional in getting me the bond in a timely manner. Just amazing customer service.
Umesh M.
Umesh M.
23:34 07 Apr 21
I needed a copy of my bond and with people working form home I thought is was going to take a long time. I got an email with the copy of my bond with in minutes. Never seen anything like that. Very Professional and fast response. thank you for good business ethic
Ernesto U.
Ernesto U.
19:08 10 Feb 21
Just obtained Mortgage Broker Surety Bond for two states. not only the price was right but service and professionalism exceeded my expectations. i can't thank Steve enough and wish i knew them sooner.
Ruslan K.
Ruslan K.
22:43 08 Jan 21
I bought a surety bond for my business. The name on the application has my middle name on it and the policy didn't. That would or could have created a problem. I wrote to customer service to complain. Well not complain but ask for it to be changed. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend I wasn't expecting to hear back till this week sometime. Well to my surprise it was "Very" Quickly. JD was very helpful and professional. Fixed it then contacted me with the corrected version. Couldn't be happier. " Good Business is Good Business"
05:17 01 Dec 20
01:46 04 Nov 20
Amazing customer service and friendly and informative reps.
Obsesion H.
Obsesion H.
04:45 26 Oct 20
Surety solutions handled my request for a Guardianship Bond professionally, with great care and provided great value to my family. Of all of the insurance companies I contacted for my need, Surety Solutions was by far the most responsive, courteous and knowledgeable. I very much appreciate their fine service!!
Irena S.
Irena S.
03:00 25 Sep 20
The entire staff from Jake to Katrina were more than professional and bent over backwards to meet mine and The State of California's requirements
Kirk G.
Kirk G.
19:10 23 Jun 20
This process could not have been easier! Mr. Chipman sent me an email link and I just followed the steps. I highly recommend Mr. Beau Chipman to anyone who needs this service.
Sharon H.
Sharon H.
23:29 28 Apr 20

Online reviews and years in business can give you some information about the follow-through and excellence that a given surety company/broker exhibits. Also, it never hurts to pick up the phone and call as a way to meet the people behind the business. 

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company is proud of what we offer to our clients – a difference you can notice.

Laura Marsland
Laura, Account Executive, handles all of our large mortgage accounts
Victoria, Business Analyst, crunches our numbers.
Beulah Hadley-Voth
Beulah, Account Services Manager, manages our billing department.

#5: They have excellent customer service

While you may be looking for a quick quote, you also want to make sure that you find a company that you can trust and people you can work with over time. Good customer service makes a surety bond company great.

Surety bonds can be confusing or can require unique considerations.
When you are confused or working through with a unique variable, you want a company who is experienced and responsive in helping you get the right bond executed the right way. 
Surety Solutions has a 5 star rating on Google. Check out our Google Reviews.

#6: They work in your location (or many locations!)

If you’re looking for the best surety bond companies, and you work in more than one state, you’ll want to look for a provider who can provide bond services in the many locations where you work. Some bond companies/brokers are regionally based, others are nationally licensed.

You will want to make sure that the broker you go with has a license to sell surety bonds in the state where you need a bond. This is also an important factor for businesses that may be small now but want to expand in the future.

State Bonds Map

#7: They work with small or large business

Before you decide to work with a surety bond company, make sure that the company has experience working with your type and size of business.

Surety bonds for businesses
If you’re a small businessperson, choose a company with a track record of providing bonds to small businesses, rather than one that works primarily with larger companies.
The best surety bond company will work with businesses of all sizes, so they can service you at startup and throughout your growth.

#8: They provide your bond quickly

Business owners don’t make money by working on compliance issues that do nothing to build profitability. So at the end of the day, speed is very much a consideration.
The more time you spend executing a surety bond, the less time you have to do what you love. Choose a surety bond broker who is built for speed. Who can get you the right bond, at the best rate in the quickest time frame possible?

Choosing a surety bond company

If you need more information on how to choose a bond company, check out:
Helpful Resources:

About Surety Solutions, A Gallagher Company

Surety Solutions makes the process of getting your surety bond quick and easy. We’re committed to uphold our culture of trust, honesty and great customer service.

Get quotes for your Surety Bond

Need a bond? Get free quotes from top surety companies.

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