how to become a kentucky notary public

A notary public is someone who acts as a witness to the identity of a person who needs to get an official document signed. Notary publics must be commissioned or licensed in their county of residence, but they have statewide jurisdiction so they can notarize within any county in their state.

There are 2 kinds of Kentucky Notary Publics:

  • Kentucky Notary Public State at Large: a notary public who is appointed to perform tasks within the state of Kentucky, but the documents may be sent to other states for recording. 
  • Kentucky Notary Public Special Commission: a notary public who is appointed to perform tasks inside or outside the state of Kentucky covering documents to be recorded in Kentucky.

Ready to become a Kentucky notary? First, you’ll need to get your Kentucky Notary Public License and Kentucky Notary Bond.

How to Become Notary Public in Kentucky


Step #1: Determine if you are Eligible

To be a Kentucky notary, you must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A Kentucky resident or principally employed in Kentucky
  • Of good moral character and capable of discharging notary duties
  • A person who has not been convicted of a felony 

Step #2: Submit Kentucky Notary Application and Fee

You can do this:

Notary Commissions
PO Box 821
Frankfurt, KY 40602-0821

After the application has been processed by the Secretary of State, your Certificate of Appointment will be sent to the county clerk in the county of commission. You will receive a written notice stating that your Certificate of Appointment is at the county clerk’s office. You will have thirty (30) days to go to the county clerk’s office to obtain your Certificate of Appointment and

(1) Post a Kentucky Notary Bond (only Kentucky Notary Public State at Large)

(2) Take the Oath of Office

(3) File and record your commission in the office of the county clerk.

Failure to secure a KY Notary Bond and take the oath within thirty (30) days will cause your commission to be canceled. 

Step #3: Purchase Your Kentucky Notary Bond

Kentucky Notary Bond guarantees you will faithfully perform your duties as a notary public in Kentucky. A Notary Bond is mandated by law. It isn’t a protection for you, but rather for your customers.

The amount of your Kentucky Notary Bond will vary depending on the county the bond is for.  
The actual price you’ll pay for your bond is a small percentage of the bond amount. Most people pay around $40 – $50 for their bond. 

Get a free Notary Bond quote

Step #4: Take Oath and Record Commission

Once you purchase your bond, take your bond to your local county clerk of courts office. Take oath and record your commission. If you have questions about the bonding or oath process, contact your local county clerk. 

Your oath must be returned to the Secretary of State within 30 days after the date you received the Notice of Appointment letter. Upon receipt of oath, the Governor will issue a Kentucky Notary Public Commission.

Questions? Contact the Notary Branch at the Secretary of State office

Phone: 502-564-3490


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