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Interested in how to become a notary in Montana? A notary public is a person who notarizes documents to deter fraud and ensure proper execution. To become a Montana notary public, you will need to get your Montana Notary Public License and a Montana Notary Bond.

How to Become a Montana Notary Public

Step #1: Determine if you are Eligible

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a Montana resident or principally employed in Montana
  • Must  not have been disqualified to receive a commission
  • Must be a legal citizen of the United States

Step #2: Pass Montana Notary Exam

You must pass the Montana Notary Exam before you can be issued a Montana Notary Public Commission. The Secretary of State online notary training is designed to help you pass the exam. You can also brush up on your knowledge with the Montana Notary Handbook.

montana notary public

Step #3: Purchase a Montana Notary Bond

A Montana Notary Bond guarantees you will faithfully perform your duties as a notary public in Montana. A Notary Bond is mandated by law. It isn’t a protection for you, but rather for your customers.

Montana has set the Notary Bond amount at $25,000.
The actual price you’ll pay for your bond is a small percentage of the bond amount. Most people pay around $40 – $50 for their bond.

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Step #4: Complete Montana Notary Application. Be sure to:

  • Enter your name exactly the way you normally make your signature. This is the name in which your notary commission will be issued and it must match the name on the surety bond and your signature. (If your legal name is “Jane Marie Doe”, but you normally sign “J. M. Doe”, then enter J. M. Doe on the application.)
  • Follow all the directions on the Application and provide all the requested information and documentation.

Step #5: Submit paperwork

Submit your Montana Notary Public Application, Montana Notary Bond, and proof of passing exam to the Montana Secretary of State at the address below:

Montana Secretary of State

Certification and Notary Services

PO Box 202801

Helena, MT 59620-2801

Be sure to include a $25 application fee along with your paperwork. Make checks payable to “Secretary of State”

Step #6: Wait to be approved

Approval should happen within 10-14 days. Your official Certificate of Commission will be emailed to you.

Montana Notary Public Term and Renewal

Montana Notary Public Commission term lasts 4 years. You may not renew your commission more than 30 days prior to the expiration date of your current commission. You have until 30 days after the expiration of your current commission to renew your commission. If you do not renew your commission in time, you will be considered a new applicant.

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