This past weekend I was honored to attend the NetVU Leadership Summit in Southlake, TX (DFW area). Present at the summit were all of the NetVU Chapter leaders from across the country, various committee leaders, and NetVU sponsors.


We stayed in nice digs


We ate very well and lots (it’s rumored that Joda Parent used to feed the Arkansas Razorbacks Football team. I believe it, mostly because I ate like a 300lb. Lineman)



I worked all week last week, early mornings and long days and this rolled right into a weekend chalk full with NetVU Leadership activities. And I was back into work early Monday morning. While I am tired, on another level I am refreshed. I have new clarity about a few things I need to do. I have new contacts that I want to follow up with and continue to learn from. I have some new friends that I want to keep in touch with. But here’s what I saw…



State of the Community (from my perspective) 



…Only More So


Wallace Stegner once observed, “The West is America…only more so.”

In the same spirit, the Leadership Community of NetVU is everything great about NetVU…only more so.

More potent.

More passionate.

More committed to the Mission-Vision-Values of NetVU.

Great people, doing great work…for the benefit of others. 

The Greatness of NetVU in capsule form.


NetVU capsule



This is what you hope for from the leadership of any organization. When an organization is healthy and it’s leaders are elected democratically…there is an internal regulating principal that sees that it is so. When the right leaders are identified, not appointed (or ceremonial in nature). When you have leaders who demonstrate their commitment and consistency with the values of the organization. When leaders are accountable. Members see this. Members trust their leaders to representative the collective interests and concerns of the local chapter. Let’s call this democracy at work. It’s almost like some nation out there should organize a government that functions this way.



What’s that?


Come again? Something about America used to be run that way?


*Huff*…weird. Who knew? 🙂


Through intentional mixers and meal times I was able to connect with a myriad of NetVU leaders. Each one demonstrating why they were rightfully selected by their peers. Each one demonstrating industry knowledge and their commitment to the Mission-Vision-Values of NetVU. Each one bringing a valuable perspective to the table. 


It’s rare to find a community in business that is comprised almost entirely of teachers and learners. When this is the case the result is nothing less than enriching.



Listen up…

  • If you are a part of NetVU and wondering about the health of the organization.
  • If you are on the outside looking in and deciding whether or not to choose a Vertafore product.
  • If you’re apathetic and wondering while you have already spent this much time reading this post.

I want to say that NetVU is special. And you should care.


For what’s it worth…

  • NetVU is healthy
  • NetVU has the right leaders in place
  • NetVU is in the capable hands of Kitty Ambers(BTW…keep your eyes open for my upcoming interview with Kitty as a part of the “Insurance Thought Leaders in the Digital Space” series)


I was asked to participate in the Communication Committee for the first time. Honored and excited I have been giving thought to how to tell the Insurance world about NetVU.



In many ways the task of the Communication Committee is simple. Why? Because we have a great story to tell. 


Many organization only get messier the closer you zoom in. NetVU is quite the opposite. The closer you get to the core, the more you realize the potency. The more see you experience the passion of the members and leaders alike. The more stories you hear about great relationships that have been forged, the professional development that has occurred, and practical support people have received. 


I told the rest of my committee members that NetVU is like this beautiful thing behind a foggy window. Our only job is to clear off the fog so the rest of the world can see through a single pane the amazing community we experience.


Insurance Professionals foggy window



Our task is not to polish a turd.

We aren’t tasked with putting lipstick on a pig.

We are simply window cleaners. We only need clean windows for others to peer in.





In the coming months you can expect several stories from the Communication Committee.

  • Stories of women who met their bridesmaids at NetVU chapter meeting.
  • Stories of Principals who have outsourced their IT professional development to NetVU.
  • Stories of new Vertafore users who lean into the community for daily trouble-shooting and support.

Story after story will remind you (or reveal for the first time) the beautiful community that is NetVU.


Come look in.  


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