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Mining has an impact on the land and water around it, and after the mining operation has changed or has been completed, companies have a responsibility to ensure that the land and water are safe for future generations of people, plants, and animals.

Reclamation or remediation is a way to help restore some of these ecological functions. A Reclamation Bond is a type of surety bond that ensures the company responsible for mining will also be responsible for the cleanup.

You can learn more about Reclamation Bonds as well as find detailed information regarding legal and administrative aspects of the bond in our blog post “4 Fast Facts About Reclamation Bonds”.

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“The representative I was working with provided me with a lot of information and all of them were really helpful. I’m glad their intention was not making me buy the surety bond, instead she guided me through different options I could try out before I come back to them. Not many do that.” -Sathishkumar Ramasamy

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