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Surety Solutions services more than 50 of the leading law offices for their probate, fiduciary, and judicial court bond requests. Our unique Attorney Direct Program, adopted through Great American Insurance Company, allows you—the attorney or staff member—to issue your bond directly at your desk. We have in-house underwriters and expert staff members waiting to help you with your next bond.


Looking for information on specific bonds for you or your clients? Check out our court bond blog post library.

You can also download our free Court Bond Book E-Book which provides a brief overview of 29 of the most popular probate and judicial surety bonds.


“At Collier Law, when the court requires our client to be bonded, we call Surety Solutions without hesitation. We have had an efficient, productive, friendly relationship with Surety Solutions for years. Their willingness to go above and beyond to help our clients, their flexibility in finding solutions when it seems there are none, and their friendly drop-ins to our office keep us not only deeply satisfied on a professional level, but on a personal level, too. We thank Surety Solutions for their ongoing commitment to our clients and look forward to countless future opportunities to work together.” – Collier Law, helping clients with estate planning and estate administration needs. [Read the full reference letter here]


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