Bad Credit Surety Bonds

Bad credit? Injured credit? Colorful past? Let us help you get bonded.

So You Have Bad Credit…Why Apply for a Bond with Surety Solutions?

  • We understand hardships happen
  • We’ve seen it all and we are on your side
  • Our mission is to get you bonded, regardless of your situation

Whether you have a colorful past or you just have an injured credit score, let us surprise you by getting you approved for a bond. 

Get A Bad Credit Bond Quote


Hardships Happen

We understand life happens. And we understand that not everyone is perfect when it comes to their credit. There is no judgement here at Surety Solutions. Only help.

We’re On Your Side

We’ve seen it all and we are on your side. You are more than just a number to us; we truly CARE about your situation.

Our Mission: To Get You Bonded

Our mission is to get you bonded. We’ve placed people who thought they would never be able to get a bond. When you choose use, you choose a teammate who is all-in with you. 

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